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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Boca Raton

Motorcycle accidents aren’t necessarily more common than other vehicle accidents, but they are much more likely to end in death or serious injury. Across the US, motorcycle accidents cause 35 times more deaths than car accidents per mile traveled. These statistics mean it is well worth it for local bikers to understand the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida and take steps to reduce their risk.

Head-On Collisions

56% of deaths in motorcycle accidents result from crashes that involve motorcycles colliding with other vehicles. Some 78% of the time involves a car striking the motorcycle from the front. A head-on collision between motorcycle and car is frequently a fatal occurrence for the motorcyclist.

Left-Hand Turning Cars

The most dangerous situation for motorcycle riders on Boca Raton’s roads involves cars that make left-hand turns. These kinds of collisions are responsible for 42% of accidents between a car and a motorcycle. The turning car usually collides with the motorcycle while the motorcycle is:

  • Passing the car
  • Going straight through the intersection
  • Overtaking the car

Collisions involving a left-hand turning car are common in car-on-car accidents as well, but the smaller size of a motorcycle means it’s less likely to be noticed by the turning vehicle. Motorcycles passing a car within the same lane make themselves even more vulnerable. A car doesn’t expect such a maneuver and is often surprised by it.

A vehicle that hits another one while it’s making a left turn will almost always be found at fault. The motorcycle rider may shoulder some of the blame if they were in the wrong lane or speeding. If this is the case, the biker will likely receive less compensation from the car’s driver for the damages and injuries the accident caused.

Motorcyclist Lane Splitting

When a biker drives between lanes of slowly moving or stopped cars, it’s called lane splitting. Motorcyclists use this as a way of moving to the head of traffic jams. Unfortunately, it’s also a common cause of motorcycle accidents in Boca Raton, for a few reasons:

  • the cars are in close proximity to the motorcycle
  • the motorcycle has little space to maneuver
  • the drivers don’t expect any vehicle to pass them in slowed traffic

Which vehicle is considered at fault after an accident that involves lane splitting depends on a number of factors, particularly the views of the judges and police officers involved. As a rule, lane splitting will very seldom help the cause of a motorcyclist.

If you end up being involved in a motorcycle accident in Boca Raton, it is important to understand your legal rights. Shortly after the accident, it is best to consult with south Florida personal injury lawyer such as Attorney Marc Schwartz who understands the specifics involved in motorcycle accident cases. Doing this will ensure that you receive the proper guidance and representation to ensure you are properly compensated for your injuries. 

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