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Car Accidents

Today’s often hectic lifestyles have people rushing to get from A to Z in their vehicles, increasing the opportunity for the unexpected automobile accident, one of the leading causes of accidental death and life changing injuries in America. Read More

Boating Accidents

Florida is not only surrounded by water from Key West to Jacksonville to Panama City, it is a state with an inland waterway stretching from one end to the other and thousands of lakes and rivers. Not surprising, every year thousands of water related accidents occur, many caused by misuse of alcohol or sheer negligence, such as a much too common tragedy, youngsters drowning or becoming brain injured for life in a backyard or community swimming pool accident. Read More

Slip and Fall

Florida has millions of senior citizens who are often the victims of slip and fall accidents. However, slippery or uneven floors can cause an unsuspecting person to slip and/or trip and injure themselves. Slip and fall incidents generally occur on “someone else’s premises” such as a restaurant, retail facility, workplace, or in a residential setting. Read More

Wrongful Death

Personal injury advocate and wrongful death trial lawyer, Marc Schwartz, will reach out to help the survivors of victims anywhere in Florida. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or intentional misconduct of an individual, organization, or municipality, the full-service resources of Greenspoon Marder LLP are at your service to protect your rights and interests against the negligent parties and their insurance companies in a wrongful death lawsuit. Read More

Animal Attacks

Animal attacks, especially by dogs, are on the rise at an alarming rate across America where dog bits account for 15 to 20 deaths per year. The victims are innocent children and adults who die or suffer serious injury from the negligence of owners. Read More

Nursing Home Abuse

Florida Statutes, Chapter 400, specifically provides for the development, establishment and enforcement of basic standards for the health, care and treatment of persons in nursing homes and related health care facilities. In addition, federal civil rights law mandates equal access in all nursing homes regardless of race, color or national origin. Read More

Plane Accidents

Aviation litigation resulting from a catastrophic airplane crash can be extremely complex. This category of personal injury representation requires expert legal advice and a law firm that understands both commercial and private aviation rules as well as state, federal, and international laws. It also requires the assistance of an aggressive and sympathetic team of lawyers who have the communication skills to deal with media inquires that are sure to arise. Read More

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are an increasingly popular form of transportation, especially for weekend enthusiasts who ride for recreation. The reality is, however, that motorcycle riders are very likely to sustain serious, life threatening injuries in a collision with a car or truck. Read More

Inadequate Security

Protecting customers or clients when visiting a store or office is a challenge for many businesses, especially today when many stores are open 24/7 and offices are faced with the security challenge of unwanted visitors. But inadequate security covers a broad range of potential risks. Read More

Defective Products

You purchased a product with the good faith that the manufacturer or supplier would stand behind the product. However, if a product turns out to be defective and results in injury or death to a purchaser, user, or bystander, then a “product liability” lawsuit or claim is your only defense. Read More

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare providers have a duty to perform treatment in accordance with a professional “standard of care.” This requires that a healthcare provider adequately provide the skill, knowledge, and care ordinarily possessed and exercised by other members of his or her profession working under similar conditions and circumstances. Read More

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