Defective Products

You purchased a product with the good faith that the manufacturer or supplier would stand behind the product. However, if a product turns out to be defective and results in injury or death to a purchaser, user, or bystander, then a “product liability” lawsuit or claim is your only defense.

Defective products and liability cases cover many issues, but the following three are the most common:

  1. Design defects – generally arises because of an aspect in the design that makes the product unsafe for the consumer.
  2. Manufacturing flaws – millions of products come off the assembly line everyday. While quality control devices may catch defects and flaws, substandard products will reach the consumer. And, when they do, the consumer is at risk.
  3. Failure to Warn – When a manufacturer fails to place warnings on products of known dangers or side effects they open themselves up to “product liability” lawsuits and claims.

Punitive damages may also be in order when the manufacturer, designer, or supplier engages in egregious conduct.

Greenspoon Marder LLP is well versed in protecting consumers against defects, flaws, and substandard manufacturing and product design.

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